Meet Jeanray

Jeanray Barber, provides creativity design  coaching to the professional woman who wants to rediscover her creative self and spice up her business wardrobe in the process.  

Jeanray is a Freelance Fashion Designer with a Bachelors Degree in Liberal Arts/Fashion Design, and a Masters Degree in Human Resources Management.  She has 25 years of Corporate Middle Management and Coaching experience, and 3 years of retail management experience in a major Fabrics Store in the DC Metropolitan Area.  She partners her training with  both her professional and life experiences to package a service that meets her unique client’s needs.

Jeanray started this business to reconnect  the professional woman who has excelled in her career but in the process has lost her creative voice.  Jeanray recognizes and understands this syndrome.  Her creativity was slowly turned off as she allowed her corporate managerial expectations, opportunities, promotions, and increased responsibilities, to push out her creative self for one more “uniform” and predictable.   Black was the predominant color in her wardrobe to the extent that she was asked by one of her friends if she were in mourning.  Her immediate and emphatic response was: No!  Looking back she now realizes that she was mourning the loss of her creative self.    Her passion is to help the professional woman in mourning to reconnect with her creative self, spice up her business wardrobe and maintain a healthy balance between her professional and creative self.

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