Just Three Primary Colors

When I was young the excitement of my Elementary school day was when it was time for Art class.  Each of the Art Teachers that I had throughout Elementary School all seemed to love getting us excited about the projects that they had prepared for us.  

My first memory of such an Art class was when I was introduced to the primary colors in the first grade.  We were taught that all other colors came from them.  The colors blue, yellow, and red were very import colors to remember.  I loved all three of them instantly! 

Each student was given crayons of the three colors, and were instructed to use them to color the picture of a flower that was given to us (drawn by the teacher in a black marker on a white sheet of construction paper).  I colored my flower petals blue, my stem red, and my leaves yellow.  Our teacher gave us other pictures to color with our three crayons as well.

Looking back, I realize that even being limited by just the three basic colors of blue, yellow, and red; I individualized my work by the way that I applied my colors to my flower.  I was not given instructions on how to color my flower petals, so I chose to make my flower petals blue!  

So it is with me today.  I love finding different ways to use color to individualize my style of dress, to inspire my creative designs, and to influence my use of fashion accessories.  Colors, for me, can be so invigorating!!

How were you first introduced to colors?  What are the colors that invigorate and energize you?  Tell us about them.  We may want to try pairing a few colors that you suggest to see if we too become invigorated by them!  

Thanks for sharing!  


Blossoms and Creativity

It’s Cherry Blossom Season, and this year like many in the past, I plan to visit Washington, DC to take in the delicate pink blossoms that graces the Tidal Basin for a few short weeks.  I love these trees.  They are absolutely spectacular to see in such great quantity.  I like to walk under the trees, so that I can look at its blossoms up close.  They are so light and airy that I always wonder how they manage to stay in bloom as long they do.  

I am inspired by the details of each petal that makes up the tiny flowers.  God, the Creator, gives each tree unique and beautiful blossoms that fit their specific personality.  The Cherry Blossom tree reminds me of a dainty girly-girl, that is a bit reserved.  She doesn’t wait around, you have a set time to visit her, and then she’s gone.  

I look at the Cherry Blossoms and am encouraged by them to be creative.  I sketch designs under the trees.  I jot down ideas under the trees.  I smile a lot under the trees.  I get inspired under the trees.

Where do you go for you creative inspiration?  What is it about that place that inspires you?  Tell us about it, as it may be a place that we would like to visit as well!